Tailings management costs and risk analysis

Tailings Management Costs and Risk Analysis – GEMMx Workshop

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Key Observations

  1. Need for focus on risk tools and approaches – from community and company tools to regulatory tools
  2. Framing: the value of prevention rather than the cost of failure
  3. Business costs motivate  and direct behavior of shareholders, managers
  4. Need a better set of tools for integrating value and risks
  5. Data availability for tailings facilities is sometimes a source of risk
  6. Risk assessor and risk decision-maker must be kept separate

Questions for Further Consideration

  1. How to make safety the primary design criterion? What is stopping it? How can we reinforce this with regulation?
  2. Where does perpetual treatment fit into the precautionary approach?
  3. What do communities need to be engaged and how?
    • How do we share knowledge and understanding? Access to tools?
    • Share risk and shared decision making – how are they related? Is there a role for FOV? Co. manage during operations?
    • How do we engage with communities around tailings – site, design, monitoring – what capacity building is needed?
    • Who else could help in designing engagement? Are there other disciplines for which we could learn?
  4. How do we deal with uncertainties in the information and risks?
  5. What is the potential for civil suits related to aboriginal rights?
  6. When / how should exploration compromises deal with tailings related questions?
  7. Could risk registers be made public? How could we make this process more transparent?
  8.  Move towards aligning regulated requirements for tailings facility process with TSM protocols?

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