First and foremost, congratulations! Looks like GEMM was a record success. Thank you for the incredible opportunity of being part of this, it was a joy!

Mafalda AriasMafalda Arias & Associates

It was a great privilege for me to attend the GEMM 2013 Dialogue, a manifestation of the people and the principles that have allowed Canada to become the great nation it is.

I thank God for your initiative and the opportunities that you are generating for the other nations to be heard, respected and included in the benefits that exploration, mining and minerals can provide.

I want to thank you for your kind welcome and for all the hard work, effort and time that you, Jessica and the team invested in this great event.

I will continue in contact with you and other attendees in order to maintain the synergy and hopefully be able to contribute with in generating the needed changes.

Jorge Mario RiosOn Common Ground Consultants

I know that events like that are a staggering amount of logistical work to set-up and you took the extra challenge of breaking new ground with how the communication was built around a video, your effort was greatly appreciated. I did some things at GEMM that I would not have thought possible … In addition, I was approached by a number of people regarding their personal initiatives related to comments I made during the sessions and it was great to hear the inspirational feedback.

Ken ShannonInca Mangament Inc.

On behalf of the Legal Center for Human Rights I would like to congratulate you and your team for your extraordinary ability to invite people from all over the world to engage in true dialogue by sharing their unique knowledge and experience. GEMM made us reaffirm we are ¨real people¨ solving issues in a ¨real world¨. It was powerful and enriching experience and I hope we can further work together to make Mexico deeper involved in the incubator of social conscience your team has created.

Hugo Velázquez, Centro Juridico para los Derechos Humanos

I wanted to thank you, Jim, and Jessica for putting together an outstanding opportunity for constructive dialogue.  There was an incredible amount of thought and effort behind making the process inviting to a wide range of interests, and I thought it worked remarkably well.  It was a pleasure meeting all of you and I hope to re-connect again with you in the not too distant future.

Kernaghan WebbRyerson University

It was a pleasure, and very energizing! Thank you. I’m looking forward to the innovative things that I’m starting to see “off ramping”: from this process. Just wonderful to be part of it. 

Mike McKernanStantec Consulting

I wanted to take one last opportunity to thank you for participating at GEMM and supporting the small group discussions/endeavors.  Hope to continue our conversation over a long period of time…and in many wonderful places.

Ingrid PutkonenAgile Sustainability Management

Thank you both very much for all your hard and thoughtful work in organizing the dialogue, and for the opportunity to be part of it. I look forward to the continuing conversation.

Cecilia Dalupan, Sustainable Development Strategies Group

The GEMM13 conference was excellent and useful; I was glad to be part of it and to see similar minds at work. I hope to participate more next year.

Danae VoormeijMynah Exploration Inc.

Congratulations to all of you and the whole team on an outstanding conference. You were able to create such a good space and energy- for amazing discussions, ideas and perspectives.  The tremendous planning and creativity- and the massive effort that you all put it showed in the outcome – where everyone felt engaged and energized. Thank you for involving me in this amazing group.  It has been one of the best conference/workshops that I have attended and congratulations to all of you on an outstanding effort.  The discussions were very insightful and I am sure that many of these conversations will continue to evolve and grow to influence the leadership in the extractive sector so that we have more understanding and collaboration and less conflict. 

Karim RamjiDonovan & Company LLP

I am so humbled for the greater hospitality, cooperation and support you accorded to me particularly and to the GEMM 2013 participants in general. You indeed value each and everyone’s presence and role. Thanks a lot.

David KatambaUganda Chapter for Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives Ltd

Great Conference, thank you very much.  I learned many new items and was inspired to assist in making changes. Well done.

Suzette McFaul, Sirolli Institute

Many thanks for all your kind attentions during the last GEMM 20/20 Vancouver conference. I am very grateful about all the knowledge that I learnt, thanks of your wonderful organization and management. Now I have best insights about the subject.

Dra. M. Teresina Gutiérrez-Haces, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Lovely to be with you and so many able and distinguished people. You have done the world a great favor. And you have shown us a great example of how progress occurs: when the world’s great institutions dither inconclusively, a handful of individuals show some leadership and do what needs to be done.

Luke Danielson, Sustainable Development Strategies Group

I think your forum for the mining industry is fantastic, now my challenge is to get the other industries such as consumers, industrials, banking, and others to follow. Again thanks for giving me the chance to participate- well appreciated.

Stephen Kibsey, La Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec

I want to thank you again for the great opportunity to participate in GEMM 2020; it was such an enriching experience. Now that I am back to Ecuador, I am planning activities to generate awareness of responsible mining in Ecuador. Next week I will have a meeting with the Consortium of Responsible Mining to share my experience in Vancouver.

Sebastián Salgado Troya, United Nations Global Compact – Ecuador

I am sending you this mail to inform you that I am back to Ivory Coast and I would like to thank you for the warm welcome you have given us. We are interested in a partnership as part of your operations.

TRAORE Bakari, RSE Senegal

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the sessions this week – what an amazing group of people and incredible discussion. I am sure you are feeling both energized and overwhelmed (hopefully more the former). I did follow the conversation on the Adobe Connect tool and it seemed to work well as a hub for questions and general updates. It certainly did not distract from the conversation occurring in the room, which demonstrated that it was easy to use and people opted to use it when needed. 

Zoe Mullard, InfoMine

I really appreciate all your fine attention and conversation.  Thinking on linkages, the concept of social license needs a focus on sustainability and local development, that may or not include projects (mines and others) in the local vision of development. So let see the results and ready to follow up. Meantime, I wish you the best in your challenging work. Very best regards.

Antonio Bernales, Futuro Sostenible