GEMM Dialogues

The GEMM Dialogues are not conferences. The vision that has inspired them since their inception in 2010 is a continuing conversation with “more voices, fewer words,” providing an opportunity for many to participate in the structured conversations. We use creative and interactive techniques to make the dialogues more robust and relevant for participants and seek to add value for them “back home” wherever that might be.

We use a fictional video, scripted and acted, where characters are living out the hopes and fears that drive decisions and differences. We explore a specific context, personally and organizationally, affected by diverse values, interests and power. The potential for fights and frictions abound both internally inside organizational ‘silos’, and externally among communities, companies, NGOs and governments.

In this world, like the real world, the GEMM dialogues explore making hard choices, especially in conflicted environments, starting with the most basic question. Is it better to fight in the courts or the media, or to try to talk it out with people who see the world differently than they do? What should they consider? What steps should they take? How?