Global Energy Minerals and Markets Dialogue

GEMM is an ideas and innovation forum.  We connect across divides to find solutions for responsible mining.

Leaders and practitioners in the mineral and energy sectors, whether from industry, communities, non-governmental groups or government, know that complexity and uncertainty is growing.  Change is upon us.  We need breakthrough insights and ways to put ideas to work. We need opportunities to understand other points of view and build resilient relationships.

Who Are We?

GEMM is a special place where candid and important conversations take place amongst leaders from across the resource sector.  Our goal is to connect across divides and find solutions in the diverse world of people and resources.

GEMM is lead by core team in Vancouver, Canada. Our main work streams include:

Our Approach:

At GEMM we aim to:

  • Engage diverse voices from across sectors with different values and interests: communities, Indigenous groups, companies, NGOs, governments, consultants and academics. We use collaborative technologies to expand our reach and deepen interaction.
  • Build conversations, not convene conferences or conduct negotiations to reach outcomes. We help lay the foundations for the relationships and networks that will sustain conversations into the future.
  • Improve understanding of where groups agree and disagree, and the underlying reasons, with a view to strengthening common ground and finding ways to live with each other in spite of our differences.
  • Use creative approaches and a fictional case study to anchor discussions in real experience so the complexity of an actual problem set can be worked through while still keeping the space safe, constructive and relevant.


Congratulations on an outstanding session. You were able to create such a good space and energy- for amazing discussions, ideas and perspectives.  The tremendous planning and creativity- and the massive effort that you all put it showed in the outcome – where everyone felt engaged and energized. Thank you for involving me in this amazing group.  It has been one of the best conference/workshops that I have attended and congratulations to all of you on an outstanding effort.  The discussions were very insightful and I am sure that many of these conversations will continue to evolve and grow to influence the leadership in the extractive sector so that we have more understanding and collaboration and less conflict. 

Karim Ramji, Donovan & Company LLP

We recognize with gratitude the Simon Fraser University Beedie School of Business, a Founding Partner of GEMM