Global Exploration, Mining and Minerals (GEMM) 2020 – Sustainability and Responsibility Challenges and Opportunities

April 17 & 18, 2012 Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Asia Pacific Hall Vancouver, BC, Canada

An Invitational Dialogue to bring together people and organizations from diverse perspectives and experiences to share insights and concepts, develop strategies and tools, and build networks and relationships for effective leadership and responsible management in the mineral sector.

This session was the third event in the RMSI Dialogue Series.

Event Materials:

Final RMSI GEMM 2020 Dialogue Series Agenda
Final RMSI GEMM 2020 Dialogue Series Report

Final RMSI GEMM 2020 Presentation – Aisha Conte
Final RMSI GEMM 2020 Presentation – Kate Kopischke and Marketa Evans
Final RMSI GEMM 2020 Presentation – Luke Danielson
Final RMSI GEMM 2020 Presentation – Onome Ako
Final RMSI GEMM 2020 Presentation – Stephen Kibsey

GEMM 2020 Photos

Working Groups:

RMSI is helping to identify “Pathways for Improving Practice” and “Agendas for Responsive Research.” Inspired by the energy around GEMM 2020, several project teams came together on the final day of the dialogue as work groups whose efforts have had a continuing life beyond the dialogue.

These projects included mapping of the multitude of existing regulatory and non-regulatory activities, processes, standards and codes; and for these to be considered within a framework for responsible mining that reflects the interests of all sectors and the need for more creative and accessible tools for communities affected by mining.

These activities helped to shape the subsequent GEMM 2013 Dialogue in Vancouver.