GEMM – the Global Energy Minerals and Markets Dialogue – has become a special place where candid and important conversations take place amongst leaders from across the resource sector.  Our goal is to connect across divides and find solutions in the diverse world of people and resources.

The Spirit of the GEMM Dialogue Series is to:

  • Build continuing conversations, not convene conferences or conduct negotiations to reach outcomes.
  • Lay the foundations for the relationships and networks that will sustain conversations into the future.
  • Engage diverse voices from across sectors with different values and interests.
  • Provide the opportunity to understand where we agree, and disagree, but are willing to explore the underlying reasons with a view to strengthening common ground and finding ways to live with each other in spite of our differences.
  • Hear more voices with fewer words, rather than few voices with many words, and use emerging technologies and the unique attributes of the facilities at SFU to maximize participation and interaction.
  • Use stories and case examples to anchor the dialogue in real experience – from inside and outside the room – making the dialogues highly relevant to practitioners, decision makers and researchers alike.

We recognize with gratitude the Simon Fraser University Beedie School of Business, a Founding Partner of GEMM